Flashback: Nerdtour 2007: Japan – The Tour Begins!

Continuing my 5-years-later write-up about my first trip to Japan, Nerdtour 2007!  (sorry, pictures don’t start till after some verbiage.  I didn’t take any pics the first day of the trip!)

Mandate, tax, whatever…


Okay, I’m going to go political for a post, apologies in advance but this is too important. So, Congress can demand all citizens be forced to buy insurance or pay the fine. Okay, great. The House Republicans should submit a bill, the “American Self-Protection Act”, and mandate that all citizens… Continue reading

Some new, kind of strange, kind of neat music

Okay, I really like roaming around the Internet following random links that come up in searches and on Youtube, and occasionally I find some really neat music, often wildly different from the kind of pop music we’re used to here in the US.

New (old) pics posted soon!

I’m going to start posting more pictures etc. from my first trip to Japan, the famous NerdTour 2007, “real soon now.”  Here’s a teaser of what I’ll be posting, a taste of the taste of Japan, so to speak…

Living with disappointment

Well, I didn’t get to go to the Edwards family reunion this weekend. My flight was cancelled because of the storms between here and my destination in Knoxville. There were no combinations of alternate flights and driving that would get me to the reunion in a reasonable time, so I… Continue reading

Family reunions, family photos

This weekend I’m going to a reunion of my Aunt Mary’s family, her kids and grandkids and great-grandkids.  Aunt Mary passed away many years ago, and I wish I had paid more attention to her, but when you’re a snot-nosed punk kid, you think old folks will be around forever…. Continue reading

What makes a programming language successful?


So, a burning question amongst computer geeks and nerds (besides which is better, “vi” or “emacs), is “Why is C still so hot, when (fill in the blank) is so much better?” Here’s one answer, from Wired magazine:

Shameless merchandise promotion!


So, I updated one of my online stores, the one on Zazzle.com, with new cherry blossom-themed things, and made the anime-themed items easier to find.  Check out the new menu up top, “Things I’m selling”!  You might find something you’d like.  If not, let me know, and I’ll see if… Continue reading