Living with disappointment

Well, I didn’t get to go to the Edwards family reunion this weekend. My flight was cancelled because of the storms between here and my destination in Knoxville. There were no combinations of alternate flights and driving that would get me to the reunion in a reasonable time, so I decided to cancel my plans. It all worked out okay, though. Even though the weather turned out less bad than forecast, it was still bad enough to cause a microburst in Bladensburg across the river. Never flown through one, and don’t really want to, if given the choice. High winds in downbursts make planes unhappy…

So, there’s always next year. Since I won’t be trying to save vacation for Japan next year, I’ll have a chance to go down to Tennessee early, and hang the weather.

Now, what to do for Labor Day…

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2 Responses to Living with disappointment

  1. Dan Smith says:

    We will make sure that Jim and Wendy get you a DVD of the Edwards Family Reunion 2012 Edition !! ASAP

    Dan Smith

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