Hello! Welcome to my little place on the Internet! I’ve been a wanderer, a roamer, a searcher on the ‘net for years and years, and I like to find interesting, fun, and neat things wherever I roam. If they’re interesting enough, I post them here, and let others see for themselves.  Think of this place as a curio shop of sorts.

I also stick some of my own things here, from time to time, snapshots from my travels, maybe some dabs of paint on canvas, or random babblings about stuff. I sell stuff, too, whatever loose things I may have lying around, and even some stuff I designed (with the help of others)!  If you like that sort of thing, you’ll probably find it here!   Who knows, I might even be able to help you find something!


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  1. Frances Colgan says:

    My name is Frances Colgan, and I believe we are cousins. My dad was Harry Wagner, and his mom was Cora Bessie Hill Wagner. Cora had a 2 sisters, Mary Edwards and Delpy Diseker. She also had a brother named Earl and one other. I found your tribute to Delphy on the internet. I also just viewed your pictures from the Edwards reunion. If you are my cousin, I would like to say hello and ask if you have any pictures of my grandmother or her parents.

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