Some new, kind of strange, kind of neat music

Okay, I really like roaming around the Internet following random links that come up in searches and on Youtube, and occasionally I find some really neat music, often wildly different from the kind of pop music we’re used to here in the US.

 Even those few of us who listen to J-Pop (Japanese pop music), as weird as that gets sometimes, still isn’t different enough.  Here are two groups that I guarantee will never be on the radio, never be on MTV, but for all that their music is pretty good, and their videos are creative as all get out!

The first group I saw in this batch was “Время и Стекло”, pronounced “Vremya ee Steklo”, which means “Time and Glass”.  This video is kind of like a flashback to the 80’s, but using modern technology, as if the 80’s had never died, and this is what it would have evolved into.  It’s called “Любви Точка Нет”:

And this one is even stranger!  What do you do with a great big empty barge?  Cover it with sand, have a Caribbean party, and invite some steampunks that you change into partiers!


(I don’t know if this one will work any better, the last one locked up on me while playing.)

They did a sad one about a man who loses his girlfriend to a robber, and falls apart as she watches as an angel.  “Angels never sleep” I think it’s translated to.  Of course, leave it to Russians to be sad about love…

The next group I found by following links off of this group’s page, and kept going.  They’re from Ukraine, so they use Cyrillic but they don’t pronounce words quite like the Russian, and I have no earthly way of saying their name out loud and do it correctly.  They’re “Дзідзьо”, which they’ve graciously Westernized into “Dzidzio”.  Not much help, huh?

But, I like their music, it’s definitely influenced by southern Ukraine, in fact the first one I saw was this one, about partying in Yalta (which is on the coast of the Black Sea, one of their big resort areas.  Kind of a colder Miami, in a way.

They did another one about their Cadillac (“Каділак”):

And one last one, a live concert:

So, I don’t know if these strike your fancy at all, but I thought they sounded and looked pretty neat!

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