Nerdtour 2010: Japan, again!

In 2010 I finally got to take my brother Darrell over to Japan, to show him the places he was stationed at back in the 1950’s. I got lucky and at an anime convention I won two discount tickets to Japan for $299 (plus $200 each for fuel and tax extra!). I planned out a meticulous 11-day itinerary, which like all battle plans failed in places due to that nasty reality thing! For instance, we didn’t get to see Mt. Fuji, since the only day we had available on my schedule was the day it rained, and the cloud deck was so low that we couldn’t even see the foot of the mountain! We did get to see some neat things, and Darrell got to see how much Japan had changed in 50 years, so it wasn’t a complete failure. The best thing was that I got to spend time with my brother, in a place we both had memories of, 50 years apart. After the whirlwind we were ready to come home, though!

Here are the blog entries from that trip, with pictures:

We made it!

Hachinohe he kimasu...

A good day in Matsushima!

Mount Fuji? What Mount Fuji?

Made it to Tokyo!

Last post from Japan...

Back in DC...

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