Nerdtour 2012: T-Minus 11 Days – AAAAAGGGHHH!

Well, I’ve now (finally) been hit with the pre-trip jitters, and it’s not fun! It was okay when I had 3 months to go, then two, even one month was not bad, but now that it’s less than two weeks to go, it’s “done got real”!

Five reasons why crowdfunding fails


(update: I’ve removed my GoFundMe site, since there was no reason to continue it. I’ve corrected the post now) For the past four months I’ve been trying to raise money through “crowdfunding,” using GoFundMe. To date I have raised exactly $0.00. What happened? Where was the bounty to come from… Continue reading

Living with disappointment

Well, I didn’t get to go to the Edwards family reunion this weekend. My flight was cancelled because of the storms between here and my destination in Knoxville. There were no combinations of alternate flights and driving that would get me to the reunion in a reasonable time, so I… Continue reading