Zen Pencils: “Shaolin Monk Experience”

“Zen Pencils” is a webcomic by a young man in Australia named Gavin Aung Than, who works as a freelance illustrator. He mixes philosophy and art in a very charming style, drawing illustrations based on quotes from famous people.

The Glorious 4th Of July

From PJTV, “Afterburner” with Bill Whittle tells us why this Fourth is nowhere near as bad as other Fourths through history, so let’s enjoy this one. There will always be more bad news later, but for one day we can celebrate our freedom the best way possible, by living free!

Mandate, tax, whatever…


Okay, I’m going to go political for a post, apologies in advance but this is too important. So, Congress can demand all citizens be forced to buy insurance or pay the fine. Okay, great. The House Republicans should submit a bill, the “American Self-Protection Act”, and mandate that all citizens… Continue reading

The President is going to the dogs!

Poodle? I thought it was a Chow!

The right wing of the blogosphere is going wild with the whole “Obama ate dog meat” thing, especially after making all the fuss about the Romney’s taking their dog on the roof of their car. This site by Frank J. Fleming already skewered politics with fantastically funny satire, but he’s… Continue reading