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Aunt Mary

This weekend I’m going to a reunion of my Aunt Mary’s family, her kids and grandkids and great-grandkids.  Aunt Mary passed away many years ago, and I wish I had paid more attention to her, but when you’re a snot-nosed punk kid, you think old folks will be around forever.  Then all of a sudden, you realize you’re not far from being “old folks” yourself, and you start to pay attention (often too late) to the ones around you that are left.

I have two photos from the first of the reunions, from back in 1968 or ’69.  The one this year should be neat, I’ll get to see family I haven’t seen in decades.  Of course, half the time will be spent trying to (re-)learn peoples’ names, since we’ve all changed a bit down through the years, and my, um, something or other isn’t as good as it used to be!   I don’t think…

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This is Aunt Mary and her kids, most of whom I know the names but not the faces to go with.

Aunt Mary and her kids

Aunt Mary and kids

Aunt Mary and everyone

Aunt Mary and everyone (kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews…)

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  1. Dan Smith says:

    Sorry you missed the Edwards Family reunion. Heard about your travel problems. We all had a great time. We really enjoyed meeting your sister Anna Lou and Bob and niece Becky and her family. I am Dan Smith husband of Jane Edwards who is Mary Hill Edward’s granddaughter. Her father was Johnson Calvin (J.C) Edwards. Second from the right, back row of the picture.
    I guess that I am the “unofficial” family genealogist even though I’m not an Edwards! Wendy Enos, who you have had contact with, is the other family history expert. Very glad that we all have a Hill side of the family contact now.. I here you have done much family history work. Will be glad to share any info you might need or want. Your sister has my contact info. Nice website!

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