Mandate, tax, whatever…

Okay, I’m going to go political for a post, apologies in advance but this is too important.

So, Congress can demand all citizens be forced to buy insurance or pay the fine. Okay, great. The House Republicans should submit a bill, the “American Self-Protection Act”, and mandate that all citizens over the age of 18 be required to own and be qualified to use a handgun, be required to re-qualify once a year (April 15 sounds like a nice time), and be required to purchase a certain amount of ammunition for the handgun every year. Anyone who doesn’t do so would be required to pay three times the cost as a “fine”.

Hey, the Supreme Court says they can, it’s strictly Constitutional, and it would drive the Leftists up the wall in anger…

It won’t happen, of course, but a fellow can dream.

Update:  Thank you “M. Chillingworth” for linking to me and others on this!  (I really like your approach to blogging, as well!)

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  2. Chillingworth says:

    Thank you, you’re very kind!

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