Nerdtour Japan 2018 – Birthday washout…

Well, I was here in Tokyo for fireworks on my birthday, but Nature conspired to send a typhoon my way, which forced Tokyo to delay the fireworks.  It wasn’t a total washout, I did manage to celebrate by going to Akihabara, which turned out to be much closer to my… Continue reading

Nerdtour Japan 2018 – HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!

And I don’t mean the song by Buster Poindexter from years ago, I mean the thermal climate has been ridiculously, dangerously, even deadly hot here in Japan.  The day after I got here, Monday, I had to go in from Narita down to Shinjuku, Tokyo, to pick up the key… Continue reading

Nerdtour 2018-Arrival!

After a mostly uneventful trip with only a couple of travel glitches, I finally arrived in Japan! My plan as always was to stay in a hotel close to Narita Airport on landing day, and use the evening to wander the town and try to sync up my sleep schedule…. Continue reading

Counting down to Nerdtour 2018: 還暦の誕生日だ

Only a few days left, and the latest Nerdtour begins! Launch day is Saturday 21 July 2018, one week before my 60th birthday on the 28th. The title? “還暦” (kanreki) is one’s 60th birthday, which is one full cycle of the Buddhist calendar, of 12 zodiac animals and 5 types… Continue reading