Hachinohe he kimasu…

Means “we’re in Hachinohe”.  We rode one of the shinkansen (bullet trains) from Ueno up to Hachinohe, which took about 3 1/2 hours.  We had to take a non-JR train from Narita to Ueno because of a tragic accident on the JR line.  Apparently someone jumped in front of a … Continue reading

Some more Worldcon pictures

I didn’t really get a lot of pictures during Worldcon, there wasn’t much to photograph other than the Dealer’s room exhibits and occasionally some of the panel discussions. I wanted to show the Art Show but like most of them at other conventions, photos weren’t permitted. One of the biggest … Continue reading

Worldcon pictures, day 1

On the first day of the 65th World Science Fiction Convention, Worldcon, the first Worldcon held in Asia, I went to register with my friends John and Sonia. Sonia had been living as a student in Osaka for a year, and was getting ready to head back to the US, … Continue reading

私の一番写真です My first pictures (updated)

今日は、みんなさん! これは私の一番写真ですよ。まず、私はホテルの近いでした。私の後ろではとても高い建物は、ランドマークタワーと言います。 そして、横浜の港でこの写真を撮りました。湾の中の島に、大きい風力タービンがあります。 Hello, everyone! Here are my first pictures. Here in the first, I was near the hotel. Behind me is a very tall building called the Port Royal Hotel. Next, on Yokohama bay, I took this photograph. On an island in the bay, there is a large wind turbine. … Continue reading