Nerdtour 2012: T-Minus 29 hours and counting…

Oh, boy, it’s getting down to the wire, one more (partial) day of work, then I do the final prep work for the trip.  One last go-around with laundry, packing up the laptop and a hard drive, assorted re-arrangements for the oddments and fripperies that I’ll be taking (cables, batteries, toothbrush, cash, books, etc), and then a short nap.  The plan is to stay awake from midnight or so until I head to the airport at 4:00 AM.  Fortunately I’m only about a 10 minute cab ride from Reagan National, and once safely ensconced in my (first class!  woot!) seat on the plane I can grab an hour or so further nap en route to Dallas.

They say that one thing to help avoid jet lag is to semi-fast, and so I’m going to try it Friday night/Saturday morning.  It’s not like I don’t have enough reserve built up to handle it, of course!  My first trip to Japan I made the mistake of eating something at the Dallas airport, and discovered they immediately served a meal an hour after getting airborne, so I’m not doing that again, no matter how hungry I am!  Well, maybe a granola bar or some such, but nothing big.

I’ll be catching an earlier Dallas-Narita flight than before, so I should be getting to Japan in the early afternoon Sunday, Japan time, about 1 AM Sunday EDT.  I’m not sure how much of a net connection I can get at the different airports, but I plan to update this blog with an entry of some sort from the places en route.

My buddy John Nelson has been there for about a week, blogging his time in Kyoto, and posting some pretty neat pictures and a decent (somewhat) daily write-up (with tips for travelers).  Check it out!  We’re going to meet up in Tokyo, and use that as a base of operation for our respective projects.  A lot of the times we’ll be going to the same places, and you can compare our perspectives on where we go.  We’ll also be splitting up and covering different parts of Japan, so if you’re interested in history and culture, check his site out, if you’re looking for the modern and quirky Japan, you’ll likely find it here!  I can’t guarantee I won’t slip some history or other boring bits in mine, but at least if I do it’ll have pretty pictures to distract from the dullness!

For those on Facebook, I’ll update there when I post something new, and I’ll be tweeting at the same time, @CptNerd if you’re interested.

Tick… tick… tick…

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