Counting down to Nerdtour 2018: 還暦の誕生日だ!

Only a few days left, and the latest Nerdtour begins!  Launch day is Saturday 21 July 2018, one week before my 60th birthday on the 28th.  The title?  還暦 (kanreki) is one’s 60th birthday, which is one full cycle of the Buddhist calendar, of 12 zodiac animals and 5 types … Continue reading

ComfyCon 2013! It’s here!

It’s that time, boys and girls! Time for the easiest, most stress-free, relaxing, COMFIEST convention you’ll ever attend! ComfyCon 2013 is here! Three days of geeking out your own way, you can watch the panels, host your own panel, do whatever you like, because you never have to leave your … Continue reading