“Scary Beautiful”? I don’t think so…

When you randomly wander the Internet like I do, you occasionally stumble across things that not only make you go “hmmm”, you risk finding things that make you go “Lord, what are these people thinking?” One example: this video by Lyall Coburn called “Scary Beautiful”…

You’ll never hear dubstep the same way, ever again…

Believe me, I had no idea before watching this that a dubstep mashup like this was even possible. (Note: if you don’t know what dubstep is, or who Skrillex is, here’s a nice video of otters playing with cups: awwww)

Otakon 2012 Day 3 Pictures

Day 3 of Otakon 2012, and you can tell that the con is winding down. You can almost feel the exhaustion of the con-goers, by Sunday afternoon more people were sitting than standing! There were occasional bursts of energy, though. At any rate, here are the photos from Day 3… Continue reading

Otakon 2012 Day 2 Pictures update!

Well, I could have written a few things about what I did at Otakon on Day 2 (my birthday!), but nah, I think most people just want to see the pictures, so here they are, a whole mess of them from Day 2! UPDATE: I found about 20 more pictures… Continue reading

Otakon 2012 Day1, Pictures

I would have added to the original post, but I thought, “what the heck, show the pictures already!”  So, here they are, the best of the ones I took on Friday, Day 1 of Otakon 2012.