Better hope your next surgeon was a gamer…

Somehow I can see the scene at certain homes: “Honest, Mom, I’m going to be a surgeon, I need to keep playing!” Hour a day on a Wii boosted surgeons’ skills: Console helped doctors speed and efficiency in delicate procedures

Katsucon 2013: pre-convention cosplay

So, I went to pick up my badge for Katsucon 2013 Thursday night, and managed to catch a few cosplayers wandering the hotel/convention center. I put most of the pictures on a photography page, but I thought I’d share a few in a post.

Nerdtour 2012: A Garden, A Meal, A Clock, Some Boats, and The “Statue of Liberty”

Well, I’m going to have to do this one in stages, but guess I can give you a little photo teaser of what everything I did on the first day (and dang near wore myself out doing!)