Crotchety old computer geek and the horse-drawn computers…

Well now if this don’t beat all, I done run acrosst a fellow old-timer on this here Internet thang, and he’s done told it like it was, fer sure!

Well, he ain’t that old, not near as old as me, and he only goes back to round about the turn of the century, but I do admire his pluck back then, what with them cranky old coal-fired CPUs and what-not.

Check out what he has to say about “them good ol’ days…”

UPDATE:  Holy smokes it’s a McCainpede!  or a McCainslide.  Or something not quite an Instalanche..

Many thanks to Robert Stacy “The Other McCain” for the pingback, I woke up and checked my site stats out of curiosity and great googly moogly!  I appreciate the ACK, definitely!

Anyone who’s come here from there, I have to warn you I’m not using this site for much in the way of politics, other than the very occasional rant or humor post, I’m mostly about the fun and the quirky and the not-well-known.  Feel free to poke around the site, most everything is SFW and no worse than PG-13!

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2 Responses to Crotchety old computer geek and the horse-drawn computers…

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  2. Adobe_Walls says:

    You fellers are having way too much fun with this.

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