Here’s to the Brits! (at least one of them, anyway!)

Boy, this Nigel Farage guy is one gutsy politician. I love his style! He’s the “representative” from the UK Independent Party on the European “parliament” (scare quotes because none of them are elected) and he’s not afraid to talk straight, to the others and to the audience. He claims to be a libertarian, and he’s obviously fiscally conservative. Here he is telling the EU that their 19th attempt at salvaging the crumbling Eurozone is “doomed before it even begins.” I wish we had politicians here in the US that could be this bold and plain-spoken about our problems.

But then, they’d never get the air time and the media would excoriate them constantly for being “hateful” and “uncaring”.

“Here comes your 19th nervous breakdown” indeed!

Hat tip: “Bluegrass Pundit”( Another Kentucky Conservative! Hah!) via “The Other McCain

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