Nerdtour 2012: T-minus 161 hours and counting…

Well, I tried to insert a countdown widget in one of these posts, but for some reason it just didn’t work out right. So, I put one in the sidebar, counting down the hours to 6 AM Saturday the 20th when the plane takes off! Now, doing the math, 161… Continue reading

Site news: temporarily shut down CD store


Well, since I’m getting ready to go out of the country for a little while, I figured I’d better disable my used CD store for now, since I won’t be able to ship any CDs that I might happen to sell while I’m gone.  Once I get back I’ll turn… Continue reading

Nerdtour 2012: T-Minus 11 Days – AAAAAGGGHHH!

Well, I’ve now (finally) been hit with the pre-trip jitters, and it’s not fun! It was okay when I had 3 months to go, then two, even one month was not bad, but now that it’s less than two weeks to go, it’s “done got real”!

Maintaining my geek cred…

River Tam

As if it wasn’t clear enough by now, I am a geek, and as such I have to have things that demonstrate that geekiness to the world, for example, “figurines” of science fiction and anime characters. In this case, “River Tam” from the TV show “Firefly“, part of the “Big… Continue reading