You’ll never hear dubstep the same way, ever again…

Believe me, I had no idea before watching this that a dubstep mashup like this was even possible. (Note: if you don’t know what dubstep is, or who Skrillex is, here’s a nice video of otters playing with cups: awwww)

What makes a programming language successful?


So, a burning question amongst computer geeks and nerds (besides which is better, “vi” or “emacs), is “Why is C still so hot, when (fill in the blank) is so much better?” Here’s one answer, from Wired magazine:

Testing new layout…


Well, I’m trying out this new layout theme.  I wanted something flexible that would act the way I wanted (make more room for the content, for example), so I switched to this new one.  Please leave any comments that you feel about this one, compared to the earlier.

Do Americans want to build the future anymore?

(Saturn 5 liftoff courtesy NASA) I’ve read some excerpts and discussions of Newt Gingrich’s speech about settling the Moon and allowing the colony(s) to become States of the United States. He’s gotten a lot of flack from all sides on that, a disturbing amount coming from the conservative blogosphere. It’s … Continue reading