Impressive Photoshop painting skills

This person has them, by a long shot. Goes from a sketch, to a drawing, to a painting, to near photorealism. Catchy Russian music, too…

Ringo helps! (watch what he does in this classic “video”!)

The Beatles were notorious cutups on stage and in private, especially in the early days when they were becoming so ridiculously successful. Watch how Ringo (and the others, to some extent) handles the stage directions, all through their lip-syncing to their song “Help”! *Sigh* from back in the days when … Continue reading

Crowd helps autistic man sing the National Anthem

This is an autistic man who’s been chosen to sing the National Anthem at a ball game in Fenway Park, for “Disability Awareness Day,” but partway through he messes up the lyrics. He’s completely flustered, but the crowd in the stadium comes to his rescue by singing the right words … Continue reading

Hatsune Miku, computer-generated singer (from Japan, of course)

There is a company in Japan that has written a fantastic piece of software that allows even non-musicians to write music and songs for a “virtual singer” to perform.