Blast from the past! (Tetris theme on acoustic guitar)

Ewan Dobson (why have I never heard of him before???) does his version of Korobeinki, the original Tetris game theme.  If you’re of a certain age you probably have this music memorized! I know I spent many and many a fruitless hour trying to stop those bricks from piling up, with the music getting faster and faster, the bricks coming down trickier and trickier (and always the wrong one!) until finally the inevitable happened, ending in that  frustrating wall of doom!

At any rate, this guy is fantastic with a guitar, apparently this is a particular style of playing called “fingerstyle” and it’s very very neat.  If I knew anything about music I’d call it “baroque”, but since I don’t, I’m going to call it “baroque” anyway! Enjoy:

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