Some video silliness at Katsucon 2012

In an earlier post I showed some pictures I took of some kids cosplaying as characters from the videogame Final Fantasy (I have no idea who the characters are, but that’s not important!).  Here is a video with clips I took while I was taking stills (it really helps to … Continue reading

What do you do when you have an unexpected singing partner?

Josh Williams was performing the Bluegrass song “Mordecai” when a little bird decided to land on his guitar! It’s not clear if the bird actually sang along, it might be he just wanted to get closer so he could hear better, or maybe he had a backstage pass and got … Continue reading

Okay, these guys are just way too good…

I stumbled across these guys when I saw this really neat video on Youtube.  “The Piano Guys” are a couple of musicians that re-do popular music with piano and cello and other instruments.  They use them to re-interpret the music as well, as in the “Cello Wars” video, which also … Continue reading

Presenting The Oomphalapompatronium!

Now, if this thing doesn’t make you want to go out to the garage and throw together some kind of music-making thingamajig, I don’t know what would! Apparently this guy, Leonard Solomon, makes all kinds of musical instruments out of, well, stuff. He gives performances of his musical and geeky … Continue reading