Flashmob, classical style!

The Banco Sabadell arranged this performance of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” as a flashmob event to celebrate the anniversary of their founding.  I really like how the music just builds and builds, and how the little girl who first puts money in the cellist’s hat stays there almost the whole … Continue reading

“The Sound of Cylons” – fantastic!

In an earlier post I mentioned that there are things I love to find on the Internet, and this is by far one of them, even better than “Klingon Style”!

Ben Folds Five and… Fraggles???

Ben Folds Five and Fraggle Rock

Okay, this was something that showed up in one of my random walks through YouTube, happens to be on a channel called “Nerdist”, so you can understand why it got my attention! The band is “Ben Folds Five”, the song is “Do It Anyway”, and the Muppets are from “Fraggle … Continue reading

Wow, I wish all complainers looked this good…

A very cute and sexy French singer named Alizee Jacotey sings a song about being “fed up” with a lot of things, called “J’en ai marre”. Which apparently means “I’m Fed Up.”  I don’t know if the translation is right, and really, does it matter? ^__^