Ben Folds Five and… Fraggles???

Ben Folds Five and FragglesOkay, this was something that showed up in one of my random walks through YouTube, happens to be on a channel called “Nerdist”, so you can understand why it got my attention! The band is “Ben Folds Five”, the song is “Do It Anyway”, and the Muppets are from “Fraggle Rock”…

I was far too old to have enjoyed “Fraggle Rock” the way kids did back then, but I thought it was an interesting, imaginative and charming world that the Hensons created for them, and I could enjoy the episodes I ended up watching because Jim Henson and his crew liked to create entertainment that could be enjoyed by adults as well, that families could watch together.  Obviously the band Ben Folds Five has fond memories of this from their childhood, which is one reason why this video is such fun!

Enjoy, “Silly Creatures”  ^__^ !

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