White House calling. No, not that one!

Well, my luck proceeds apace. I woke up in Granada Mississippi, with a fever and a sinus infection. Yet more confirmation that at least one thing in my life has to be broken at all times. I scarfed Advil, drove as best I could up the road, thru Memphis (missing… Continue reading

“On the Road Again” or, “Going to Graceland”

Whew! The problem with my car last night was indeed a broken alternator. After a sleep-deprived night, I called one of the local Vidor repair shops, and asked if they could take an emergency repair job. The nice lady on the phone said they could but that it might take… Continue reading

“Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again…”

Well, today has been a real up and down day. The day started up, went to tour the Alamo, spent the morning there, had a small lunch while the local western wear store cleaned and blocked my felt cowboy hat. Left in time to get to Houston right at rush… Continue reading

Dallas was…

Ft. Worth, actually. I went to the DalWorthIngton metroplex to see my nephew and his fiance. Had a really nice time, I took them to an incredible steak restaurant a friend recommended, “Pappas Brothers”, in Dallas. Hefty price tag, but man, was it worth it! The New York strip was… Continue reading

High plains drifting…

Well, my journey resumed Wednesday afternoon, when I left Denver and drove south on I-25 to Pueblo (yeah, the place to get all the free government publications!) Drove past Colorado Springs on my way down, with the Rockies towering to my right. At Pueblo, I left the Interstate Highway system,… Continue reading

Happy Memorial Day!

Whoa, what a weekend! First off, thanks to all veterans and their families for their sacrifices. Where would we be without what you all did for us? Okay, now for an unvarnished opinion: Denver is a great place! The climate is typical desert, it gets warm in the day but… Continue reading

Day 3: Arrival!

Man, that was a long day! Left Columbia Missouri at 10 AM (EDT, still haven’t changed my car’s clock!), and got all the way to Denver at 11 PM EDT! 760 miles in one day, about the farthest I’ve driven by myself, and if it hadn’t been for the 70… Continue reading

Day 2: Columbia Missouri, mile 973

Well, this part was much more eventful than day 1. I made better distance today, although not as far as I would have liked. After 11 hours, it started to catch up to me, just couldn’t stay awake for the 120 miles to Kansas City. Yeah, I’m a wimp, so what? 🙂 Funniest… Continue reading