Dallas was…

Ft. Worth, actually. I went to the DalWorthIngton metroplex to see my nephew and his fiance. Had a really nice time, I took them to an incredible
steak restaurant a friend recommended, “Pappas Brothers”, in Dallas. Hefty price tag, but man, was it worth it! The New York strip was fantastic,
and the desserts were indescribable! We split a Key Lime pie and some kind of chocolate mousse-based concoction. Woof! And to think I was
losing weight for a while!

We went to a church-group picnic down by one of the lakes Saturday, which was nice, but for some reason the National Weather Service decided
to turn the “summer” switch on, full! Went from 70s -80s in Denver, to over 100 each day in Ft. Worth! Fortunately there was a slight breeze near
the lake. Afterwards, we were going to see a movie that night, but “Finding Nemo” was sold out, and we were all worn out. So we went back to my
nephew’s place to watch videos and play with his and his fiance’s kittens. And soon everyone was fast asleep, except the kittens!

Sunday we went to the Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens, which was nice, so they could scout out where they wanted to have their wedding. Ft. Worth
has a nice cultural center, with the gardens, a nearby zoo, and some pretty good parks. Of the towns in the metroplex, I’d say Ft. Worth was the
nicest. Dallas is a bit more run-down, and the other towns are just names on a map, for all I could see. Decent enough, just nothing very distinctive.
Oh, and one thing made it worse. The drivers in the metroplex are among the worst I’ve found, much worse than St. Louis, and worse than DC! It’s
indescribable, the things that the “drivers” did. I guess it’s not too surprising, since I only saw a couple of state troopers the whole weekend, and
they might have only been looking for seatbelt scofflaws.

Monday, I left Dallas and headed to San Antonio, but not before stopping at Nerdvana, Geek Central. I’m talking about “Fry’s Electronics”. For
anyone not in the know, Fry’s has been famous for many years in the Silicon Valley area as a place to get anything electronic or even remotely
related to computers. It is to electronics what Wal-Mart is to everything else. I was stunned when I was driving through Irving TX and saw they had
just opened a branch in Texas. So, no matter what, I had to stop. I raided as much of their Anime DVD section as I could afford, and found a bunch
of add-ons for my cell phone. It was hard to do, but I left without buying one of everything they had, just on general principles!

The drive to San Antonio was uneventful, other than the huge supercell thunderstorms and random tornadoes that touched down in some towns
some distance from my route. “Out of sight, out of mind,” that’s my motto. If I can’t see it coming, it can’t hurt me! Once I got into town, I ran into
traffic as bad as rush-hour DC metro traffic. Stop-and-go for miles. And why not post a few more signs to tell you how to get to the [CENSORED]
Alamo? I drove around trying to find some sign to tell me which exit to take to go to the Alamo area, but until I stumbled across I-37, I never saw
anything saying “Alamo this way.” I guess everyone is just supposed to know which roads to take. I must have missed that class in school. At any
rate, I found it, and took some pictures of the outside, which was nice, the front was lit by the setting sun.

Most shocking thing: having lightning strike so close to the car that there was no delay between the flash and the boom.

Tomorrow: The inside of the Alamo, and then on to Houston and parts east!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Alamo – Schmalamo


    We had the same problem when we visited San Antonio. Just wait until you get to the Alamo – talk about hype – I mean it was only the freakin’ Mexican Army.

    I did find something out that I never knew, there was an Alamo defender from Connecticut.

    Are you stopping to see Ross?

    Good luck – have fun.



    • Captain Nerd says:

      Re: Alamo – Schmalamo

      Nope, won’t be seeing anyone, since no one bothered to send me any contact info!

      Alamo was pretty good, for not being a government operation. I liked it. Was glad to
      see some Kentucky names there, but none of my kin.

      Read today’s entry to see what kind of day I had!


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