Day 3: Arrival!

Man, that was a long day! Left Columbia Missouri at 10 AM (EDT, still haven’t changed my car’s clock!), and got all the way to Denver at 11 PM EDT! 760 miles in one day, about the farthest I’ve driven by myself, and if it hadn’t been for the 70 and 75 MPH speed limits, I’d probably still be on the road!

So, everyone who said Kansas is flat, is mostly right! Eastern Kansas has some nice rolling hills, but the thing that makes it look flatter is the dearth of trees. And western Kansas is just flat. Did get a chance to do the “touristy” thing, and spent a few minutes in Abilene KS. Saw Dwight Eisenhower’s home and museum, and got a couple of nice pictures of old Abilene, especially the train station. Most of the trip was just driving, driving and more driving.

Most interesting city to take photos in: Kansas City.

Only city where my camera was not charged and ready to take photos: Kansas City.

Well, my niece has all kinds of things lined up to do while I’m here in the Denver area, and none of them involve me driving! Huzzah!

More later, and I think I may have pictures uploaded tonight!

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