White House calling. No, not that one!

Well, my luck proceeds apace. I woke up in Granada Mississippi, with a fever and a sinus infection. Yet more confirmation that at least one thing
in my life has to be broken at all times. I scarfed Advil, drove as best I could up the road, thru Memphis (missing the turn to I-240, and, thinking
that I would run across the real I-40, drove on into Arkansas, but eventually getting the right road), and on into Tennessee. I managed to make it to my brother’s house, in White House TN, before collapsing. I managed to roust myself due to the magical effects of the smells of home
cooking (soup beans, cornbread, pickle beets), but such was only temporary. I barely made it into the spare bedroom before I imploded.

Today, I got up and was able to go to a local doctor, who basically said, once I had laid out the symptoms and he had poked, prodded, and
peered to his satisfaction, “looks like you have a sinus infection.” He gave me some new kind of antibiotics (new to me, anyway) that claimed
it only needed to be taken for 5 days. We shall see.

Wait a minute, is it really a sinus infection? Was it really coincidence that my car loses electrical power, so suddenly and at the edge of
nowhere, that I have to spend the night at a hotel that just happens to be where my car dies? And was that really a bunch of high-schoolers,
partying in the next room, and was it really an accident that one of them knocked on my door, thinking it was the party? Were they trying to
make sure that I was there, when they called down the mothership? [CENSORED] aliens and their nasally-inserted tracking devices…

At any rate, I missed Graceland, missed taking a picture of the pyramid in Memphis (kind of neat, seeing it in real life), and missed some other
things. I did get to sit in traffic jams twice, once due to construction, and once due to rush hour.

Tonight (rain permitting): watching my brother’s youngest grandson play pee-wee baseball.

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6 Responses to White House calling. No, not that one!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aliens? Dude…

    • Anonymous says:

      Hit the damn return key – idiot.

      Anyway, sinus infection – I hate those and I get them frequently. They suck. What’s the name of that biotic med – that’s something that I’d like to try next time.

      From what I’ve heard, you didn’t miss much at Graceland except a bunch of weirdos in Elvis suits.

      Hmmm – on second thought…

      Glad you made it ok – looking forward to your return to the group. You are missed.



      • Captain Nerd says:


        It seems to be okay, it’s one of the new ones, the trade name is “Zithromax”, the medical name is azithromycin. Supposed to take two pills at once the first day, then one pill each of the next four days. I feel a lot better, but I’m going to reserve judgement on how completely it worked. If symptoms come back, I’ll at least be able to go to my regular doctor.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To bad you didn’t get to see Elvis. I’m sure he would have had some pills to make you feel better.

    Duty you left me was done last week.

    Where are the pictures?


    • Captain Nerd says:

      Thanks, Joyce!

      Some pictures are uploaded, some need major cleanup, some are developed but not scanned in, and one roll of film still needs developing. But some will be available, I promise!

  3. Anonymous says:

    need to check out Bar Nashville

    well white house huh I’ll stay here in LA that’s lower antioch for you people outside of nashville.

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