J-Pop, old school – Hitomi Ishikawa

Surfing through some Japanese videos on Youtube, I found some videos by a J-pop singer from back in the 80’s who’s still performing (and still looks very nice, even if she doesn’t look like a high-school girl anymore) named Hitomi Ishikawa (石川ひとみ). She started out (looks like) when she was in high school in 1976, winning a Fuji TV singing contest. She had one big hit in 1978, she was a voice actress on an anime, but her career came to a halt when she contracted Hepatitis B in 1987. She recovered and started performing again in 1988, got married in 1993 (dang it!) and still performs on TV. She has a fantastic voice, even when she was just starting out.

Anyway, here’s a compilation video of some of her songs, and video clips of her performing them through the years.

From the Youtube page, here’s the playlist of songs:

♪ 1.くるみ割り人形
♪ 2.夢番地一丁目
♪ 3.Blue Dancing
♪ 4.ハート通信
♪ 5.君は輝いて天使にみえた


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  1. David says:

    I have always been her biggest fan. First heard her in Okinawa 76/77 and again in Yokosuka Japan 80/84 . Lost track of all the Japanese music I used to listen to after that. When I found out all the music I used to listen to was on YouTube and I could find CD’s on EBay I have started building my collection up again. Even expanded it to include Kpop groups like E-Girls, After School and Girls Generation.

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