My paintings: “Black Velvet”

Well, sadly this is the end of the good paintings I did, I’ll probably post the not so good ones eventually.  This is from a “Black Velvet Whisky” ad from 1983, and although she’s very familiar, I just can’t remember her name.

I remember this painting being very frustrating, I worked for hour after hour, day after day, trying to get her eyes right, and yet I never did.  I think they look okay, they just don’t look like the original model’s eyes.  For one thing, I made her eyes too small, and they’re offset too much.  Grrrr, it’s taking all my effort just to keep from taking up a brush again and trying just one more time to fix them.  I know better, though, but someday in the distant future, if I’m still alive and able, I might try again, but on a different canvas!

At any rate, here is “Black Velvet.”


Black Velvet

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