My Paintings: Heather Locklear

Once again I delve into the vaults and retrieve a painting I made back in a time when Reagan was president, and this woman was on two TV shows at once!  

Heather Locklear was policewoman “Stacy Sheridan” on “T.J. Hooker”, and at the same time she was “Sammy Jo Carrington” on the nighttime soap opera “Dynasty”!  Sadly, I never watched either show, but I never got tired of seeing photos of her.  This one, again naturally, is from one of the many TV Guide interviews she did, at the height of her popularity.  I always thought that this one caught her at her most beautiful, relaxed and sweetest moment.  Like the Beach Boys sang, there’s just something about California girls that can’t be beat.  *Ahem*.  At any rate, here’s my version of the photo, I really tried to do well on this one, I hope you like it!


Heather Locklear

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