Blue Man Group and Taiko drums – great together!

So, I wandered around Youtube again, as is my wont, and found a really neat collaboration between two of my favorite things, Blue Man Group and Japanese taiko drummers. I think the group is called “Kodo”, but the caption says “Blue Man Group meets Wadaiko”, so I’m not sure. I… Continue reading

Go Dull! Go Boring!


Try to stay awake for this: The English town of Dull is teaming up with the Oregon town of Boring, in order to promote both towns in the spirit of “trans-Atlantic relations, tourism and humour”, and plan to come up with novelty items playing on both names, as well as… Continue reading

Two webcomic reviews in one! “Far Out There” and “Conventional Wisdom”

This is probably the only time I’m going to review two webcomics at once, but in this case it’s because they have the same creator, Simon Ladd, one of the few webcomics artists who produce more than one comic at the same time.