Go Dull! Go Boring!

Try to stay awake for this: The English town of Dull is teaming up with the Oregon town of Boring, in order to promote both towns in the spirit of “trans-Atlantic relations, tourism and humour”, and plan to come up with novelty items playing on both names, as well as promoting tourism to both.

Maybe it’s because I  grew up in a state (Kentucky) with town names like “Kettle Island” (there’s no body of water larger than a pond there), “Hazard” (no, no Dukes around), and “Dwarf” (look it up).  Maybe it’s just my appreciation for puns, no matter how dumb.  Whatever the reason, it makes me quietly happy that people like these are taking advantage of the names of their hometowns, no matter how silly they may seem.  It’s a very English and American thing to do!

Article on this is here (love the category!): Dull and Boring to Hook Up.

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