Coming soon: Katsucon report!


Just finished up an interesting weekend at Katsucon, one of the local anime conventions in the DC area.  Took a couple hundred pictures and dozens of short videos, and now I’m trying to sort through them all!  I’ll be posting a few pages of pictures in my “Things I Made”… Continue reading

AnimeUSA 2011 Last day pics

Pictures from the third and last day of AnimeUSA 2011. Kind of a shame, there has been an anime convention in Crystal City since at least 1997, and this will be the last one for the foreseeable future. I went to my first one, Katsucon 4 I think it was,… Continue reading

AnimeUSA Day 2, More pictures

Oh, look, it’s more pictures! These are from Day 2 of AnimeUSA 2011, taken Saturday the 19th. More pictures than Friday, but then again there were more things and people to take pictures of! Even pictures of people taking pictures! If you see yourself in one of them, please leave… Continue reading

Hatsune Miku, computer-generated singer (from Japan, of course)

There is a company in Japan that has written a fantastic piece of software that allows even non-musicians to write music and songs for a “virtual singer” to perform.

CATDAT-41 latest report on the Great East Japan Quake

Nearly 20,000 dead or missing, 60,000 still living in “temporary” shelters, and over 1500 children who lost parents or guardians. The CATDAT-41 report by the Earthquake Report website spells out many details about the dead, the missing, the costs in money of the destruction, and the effects on Japan.