Help some kids out, if you can…

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This is a Kickstarter effort to finish up a documentary on a group of kids who lived in Fukushima, Japan. The kids lived in a town called Yamakiya that had to be evacuated due to radiation from the nuclear plant, but they managed to stay together, performing in their taiko drum club, despite being separated. The kids got to come here to Washington DC to perform in the Cherry Blossom Festival this past Spring, and they were incredible! Their energy, their skill, their love of drumming caught everyone up in their performance. I managed to catch a bit of their last performance that day, and I’d love to see these kids get an even wider audience, for their music and for their story.

If you can see your way clear to click on it and donate, that would be terrific! Even $5 would help! They only have one week to raise the rest of the money, so if you could pass it along, please do so.

Update:  They made their goal!  Their project is now a go, and I look forward to seeing the documentary they produce!


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