Boy’s love for Morning Glories lives on long after his passing…

This is a nice story about a boy’s love of Morning Glories, and his mother’s love for him, which she spreads to the tsunami survivors through seeds from the flowers he grew just before he died, and which he never lived to see bloom.

Just a little Photoshop experiment on an Otakon 2011 picture…

tilt-shift experimental image

Thought I’d try out my Photoshop “skills” (as if I had any!) to see if I could take a photo from my set of Otakon pics and try to simulate the “tilt-shift” effect.  True tilt-shift involves a fancy $1000 lens, but since I’m not going to have one of those… Continue reading

99 year old grandma, video game pro!

99 year old Umeji Narisawa plays her favorite videogame while her family watches

So cool!  Umeji Narisawa of Sendai, Japan, 99 years young, plays her favorite videogame, “Bomberman”, like she has every day for 26 years!  In Japanese, videogames are called “famicon” (ファミコン), which is Japanese shorthand for “family computer”, because it’s the computer that the rest of the family plays with, as… Continue reading

Maru the cat, and his friends the boxes

Maru, a cat in Japan, really loves to play with boxes, especially climbing or jumping into and out of them, over and over! If you check the other YouTube links, he’s done this ever since he was a kitten, and his owners have videotaped his antics for a few years,… Continue reading