What? No Otakon 2013? What gives?

Well, I haven’t updated this site in a couple of weeks, last weekend I was at the 20th Otakon in Baltimore, and took a whole mess of pictures. Since then I’ve been busy working on a new website. I’ve decided to move most of my photography from this site, and make a more semi-pro portfolio site, using one of my old domains. Instead of trying to force this site into the form, either with a separate theme or try to figure out multi-site, I decided to just bite the bullet, buy a real photography theme, and build a new site. I’ll still have links from here to the new site, but the actual photos will be over on lexonia.net. Check it out!

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2 Responses to What? No Otakon 2013? What gives?

  1. Margery says:

    Hot damn, loikong pretty useful buddy.

  2. My only problem with the app is it only work on the default SMS application. If it worked on biteSMS, I’d love it!!! Please add support for other applications besides the default SMS application.

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