New things for sale! (well, only one new thing for now)

Well, I’ve started back into making more things to sell here, trying to raise some money while making the world just a bit better-looking! Or at least, by making things people might like to have around, anyway!

I decided to add a new page just to show off the newest things I’ve made on Zazzle and possibly other places, in case anyone is interested.

If you look under the “Things I’m selling” link above, you’ll find “New Things for Sale!“, a page that I will (hopefully) update regularly with whatever new stuff I come up with. I’ll also post links like this, so folks can see, and eventually move them to more relevant store pages (not made yet!).

F’rinstance, the latest is a piece of “merch” I made up for this experiment, which has the picture I took of Enoshima Island at sunset that I “arty-fied” and showed in an earlier post. I think it came out pretty good, what do you all think?

[zstore productlineid=”196259538383892743″ gridcellsize=”medium” gridwidth=”540″ gridcellsize=”medium” gridcellspacing=”5″ showproductdescription=”false” showbyline=”false” showsorting=”false”]

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