My paintings: Erin Gray

A long time ago, back in the early days just after the Earth cooled, about half-past the dinosaurs, I used to paint pictures.  This being the dim and ancient past, these were done with acrylic pigment on actual canvas, and they took a long time each to paint.  Mainly because there wasn’t an “undo” function.  I wasn’t half-bad at painting these, I don’t think, but I haven’t digitized them in a long time, so I’m going to display them here on my blog, as I get to them.

This one is a painting I did of the actress Erin Gray, who at the time (the 80’s, you may have heard about it from your parents or grandparents) was starring in a TV show called “Silver Spoons”.  She was interviewed in an edition of “TV Guide” magazine, and the article was accompanied by a very beautiful photo of Ms. Gray.  I usually based my paintings on photographs of beautiful women as I came across them, so I don’t actually “create” the art, I pretty much copy it in a larger format, in a different medium, with whatever skill I can muster.  Not every one works well, and I probably won’t display the ones I’m not so happy with, but then again I might inflict them upon the unwary Internet!  (cue evil chuckle).

At any rate, this is a photo I took of the painting, with some correction for the distortion of the camera lens.  If you like it or hate it, please comment.


Erin Gray

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2 Responses to My paintings: Erin Gray

  1. sabastian says:

    looks very lifelike great job LOV it

  2. Sis says:

    Nice. And you received a response from Ms. Gray. WOW!

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