Comfy-Con 2012 Dealer’s room!

2013 update!  Wait till you see this year’s Dealer’s Room! Go there, it’s much better than here!

What con-going experience would be complete without a trip to the convention’s Dealer’s Room (AKA “Merch Madness”!)

Well, in a fit of my own madness I decided to volunteer to create one for Comfy-Con! (I haven’t told the others about my “volunteering” though). What makes this Dealer’s Room different, is it’s open 24 hours, no one checks your bags, and you don’t have to worry about missing a panel to shop here! ^__^

Note, I get nothing from any of these artists for this, hence “volunteer”. Of course, if you want to stop by my stores, you’re welcome to! ^__^

Anyone who wants their store link removed, please let me know, or if you want me to remove any images. I understand!

So, at any rate, welcome to the Comfy-Con 2012 Dealer’s Room!

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