Cute Bunny-girl Ninja Action! A review of “Blade Bunny” webcomic

She’s cute!  She’s deadly!  She’s a ninja!  She wears bunny ears and a fluffy tail!  She’s “Bunny”, the star of the webcomic “Blade Bunny”, one of my very favorite comics.  Mmmm, cute deadly ninja bunny girl…

Blade Bunny

Blade Bunny Comic

So, “Blade Bunny” is an action, fantasy, comedy webcomic about a cute ninja girl, Bunny, who dresses in short, tight ninja garb and who wears a pair of bunny ears and a bunny tail.  Really, what’s not to like?

Bunny is also a deadly assassin, who manages to constantly escape certain death at the hands of demons, killer gunslinger robots, and the other kinds of dangers you just don’t normally see in Feudal Era Japan.  But Bunny faces them all head on, with a kind of good-natured, somewhat ditzy penchant for violence.  She can kill, she can create mayhem, but she can also be incredibly cute while she does so.  She seems at times to be completely clueless, but in the next breath she reveals she knows far more than anyone else around her.

The comic begins by introducing Bunny as an assassin for hire, summoned by a warlord in some place like Feudal Era Japan, to assassinate a rival warlord.  She appears at the warlord’s court, and manages to both impress the warlord and also remove one of his important staff in the process.  The action doesn’t really let up for the rest of the chapter, what with Bunny going to the target warlord’s castle, carrying out her task in a very unexpected and cute way, and running into one of the aforementioned killer robots.

Just don’t call her “Hare”.  She really doesn’t like that.  Or demons.  She really, really doesn’t like demons.

So, as always with these webcomics, it’s best to start reading the archives at page 1.  Navigating the comics is easy, they are broken down into books with chapters, although reading the archive page by page you don’t really notice breaks in the story, they flow together that well.  The guys update this comic twice a week, which is good, although the wait over the weekend can be pretty anxious!

I think you’ll like Bunny as much as I do!

NOTE:  the comic is safe for work, and though violent is probably okay for kids.

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