Pictures from the Washington Cherry Blossom Street Festival

Here are some pictures to give a feel for the kinds of things that went on at the annual Washington DC Cherry Blossom Street Festival (a “sakura matsuri”, “桜祭り” in Japanese).

A really neat steampunk Western fantasy webcomic, “Next Town Over”

About a year ago I was doing my usual roaming through my usual webcomic haunts when I saw an intriguing ad for a new webcomic. As is my want, I followed the ad link to a webcomic called “Next Town Over“, which turned out to be a comic with a… Continue reading

The President is going to the dogs!

Poodle? I thought it was a Chow!

The right wing of the blogosphere is going wild with the whole “Obama ate dog meat” thing, especially after making all the fuss about the Romney’s taking their dog on the roof of their car. This site by Frank J. Fleming already skewered politics with fantastically funny satire, but he’s… Continue reading

Last of the cherry blossoms for 2012

Well, here we are at the end of cherry blossom season, which means summer is right around the corner!  Here are a few blossom pictures I took at Hains Point on the Potomac, just at sunset.  I caught the sun shining through some of the blossoms, which gave them a… Continue reading

This is the funniest juggler ever!

I’m a big fan of deadpan humor, and I think this guy, Michael Davis, is hilarious!  I remember seeing his act on Saturday Night Live years ago, which is where this clip is from. He was the first person I’d seen juggling wildly different objects (including a bowling ball and… Continue reading