We made it!

My brother and I are now in Japan! (well, we’ve been here for some time, but I didn’t have Internet access because I forgot my cable 🙁 )

Here’s my brother Darrell in the Narita airport lobby,

and yours truly outside waiting for the shuttle

to the hotel where we spent last night trying to get in sync and out of jet lag. We did manage to go get a really good cheap dinner at the shopping center nearby, Darrell had a bowl of ramen, and I had a bowl of pork and rice. We each ate for about 500 yen apiece, and had plenty. Who says Japan is expensive!

We’re heading north in a few minutes, going to Hachinohe to spend a couple of days.  We’re going to the nearby airbase at Misawa where Darrell was stationed back in the mid-50’s, to see if we can look around and see how it compares nowadays to how he remembers it.  If we have Internet at the hotel, I’ll do a quick update, if not check back in a couple of days, when we’ll be in Sendai!

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