Remember Nashville

This past weekend, Nashville, middle Tennessee, and parts of Kentucky and Mississippi suffered catastrophic weather, especially flooding around Nashville. So far 27 people have been taken from us, and more bodies are being found, most trapped in their homes or cars by the suddenness of the flood. The fact that I talked to several people at work the day after the flood, who had no idea that such a devastating thing had happened, makes me angry at the media who sat on the story for days.

Here is a video of photos of Nashville and surroundings, which show just how bad it was, and how hard the cleanup will be. Most of my family lives in Tennessee, and I thank God that none of them were hurt by this. We need to remember the people who have lost their loved ones, and those who are helping out there. The folks in Nashville and surroundings are showing us true American spirit, we may get knocked down, but we get back up without (much) complaint, and get back to it. Nashville will come back even better than before, because of their spirit, and because of their faith, their belief that there is Power greater than them that helps when needed most.

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  1. Ann says:

    Thanks for posting this on your site. A lady at our church, here in Manchester, was driving on I24 in the right lane. (she was right about the area of the school building) on DRY pavement and the water burst on the vehicles – none of those vehicles DROVE into the water – it just came out of nowhere. The water was up to her door and she couldn’t get it open and thankfully one of the truckers got the door opened and led her up to the edge of the water. By the time the school building was floating the water had risen to where it showed on the video. One of Bob’s fellow teachers was in the middle of it too, and he was able to get to the dryer area of I24. Manchester had no damage. A shelter was opened, but no one needed it. The tornado may have touched down in a field because there were no reports of any touching down, just warnings that it was over head. I posted some pics on my photo page of FB. Such a tragedy and not one word from the so-called president obama.

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