Hachinohe he kimasu…

Means “we’re in Hachinohe”.  We rode one of the shinkansen (bullet trains) from Ueno up to Hachinohe, which took about 3 1/2 hours.  We had to take a non-JR train from Narita to Ueno because of a tragic accident on the JR line.  Apparently someone jumped in front of a train committing suicide.  Very bad, and unfortunately very common.

After we got to Hachinohe, I tried to call the Misawa Air Base contact I had made earlier in the week, to see about getting us onto the Misawa base.  Unfortunately, I had transposed some number somewhere in my iPhone notes page, and was not able to contact him.  I didn’t find out that I had made a mistake until we got to Misawa town, and I tried to call a couple of times.  Finally I got someone who told me I had the wrong number.  Very disappointing.  I know where the paper is that has the number, but unfortunately it’s on my kitchen table back in Virginia.  Very stupid on my part.

So, I’m going to have to contact him when I get back, and apologize for not getting hold of him, but Darrell and I are going to make the best of it, and go down to the Misawa Air Museum in town tomorrow.  We’re in the Hachinohe Ekimae Toyoko Inn for two nights (it’s Saturday evening about 5:30 PM as I write this, 4:30 AM on the East Coast).  The room is really really small, and I had to get one room for each of us, since they didn’t have any double or twin rooms.  It’s neat, has all I need (free Internet!) except for one thing:

Like an idiot (see above) I forgot to pack an adaptor to let me use two-prong outlets with my 3-prong power supply for my laptop.  So, until I can find one, this might be my next to last post, as I’m down to 60% on my battery.

Signing off, from Hachinohe!

Managed to work around my power supply issues, and now I have a fully charged laptop! Also downloaded all pictures from the past couple of days, and I’ll post a few when I get the next chance.

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