Mount Fuji? What Mount Fuji?

Good Thursday morning from cloudy, rainy Yokohama.  Yesterday’s excursion to see Mount Fuji ended up being rained out, but not before we got most of the way there.

Wednesday started out cloudy, but not quite rainy, in Yokohama.  However, the weather forecast said rain, but we decided to try anyway, in case it cleared up or at least stayed cloudy. 

So we caught the Yokohama subway out to Shin-Yokohama, where we got on the west-bound shinkansen to Odawara, 15 minutes to go about kilometers.  Woosh!

Once we got to Odawara, the clouds were hanging very low, and blocked even the low hills near the station.  But in the spirit of dogged perseverence in the face of overwhelming odds, we decided to try to go to Hakone-machi, which is a re-created Edo period town, very picturesque and historic.  Well, we caught a local train from Odawara to a town called Hakone-yumoto, and a bus from there up a very very winding road, which the driver took at maximum speed.  It’s hard to take photos when you’re hanging on to the handhold in the seat in front of you!

As we were going up into the hills, we started running into the clouds, which made it a bit difficult to see the sights.

It was bad enough that they cancelled the scenic boat ride along Lake Ashi, which was a good thing, as it was not only misty and rainy, the wind was blowing quite hard.

Look!  Mount Fuji!

We decided to head back down to Hakone-yumoto on the next bus, since there wasn’t much point in taking pictures of fog.

We ended up back in Hakone-yumoto, caught the local train back to Odawara, and the shinkansen back to Yokohama, where we finally ran out of steam.  Darrell and I ended up taking a nap, then got up to go get a bite of supper at the local mall.  After that I took some laundry down to a local coin laundry that I had used the last time I was here, and cleaned up a couple of shirts and pants and stuff for the next few days.

Today we head to Tokyo.  Three whole nights in one place!

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