David Lee Roth, hitman?

Well, yeah, he was a “hit, man” back in the 80’s as part of Van Halen, but he’s been in Japan filming a supposed “trailer” for a supposed Japanese yakuza (gangster) film. He’s gotten older (as have we all) and more craggy, almost alien in this trailer. Which I guess is appropriate, since Japanese consider everyone else “aliens” (gaijin). If this is going to be a real movie, which I doubt, it could be pretty good, especially if it’s actually more of a spoof. I mean, an American hitman taking out yakuza in a Japanese bath house, while quoting “Sailor Moon”? And taking the bath he paid for afterwards? Way over the top! And no on-screen violence, either, which is a welcome change.

While it lasts, here’s the “trailer”.


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