Okay, these guys are just way too good…

I stumbled across these guys when I saw this really neat video on Youtube.  “The Piano Guys” are a couple of musicians that re-do popular music with piano and cello and other instruments.  They use them to re-interpret the music as well, as in the “Cello Wars” video, which also has fun with the cello artist playing both the “good” Jedi and the “evil” Sith on dueling cellos.  Look for the appearance of “Darth Vader”…

One of the other videos I saw had the two guys entertaining a group of older folks at a retirement community, playing the “Linus and Lucy” theme from the “Peanuts” TV specials.  The guys have a lot of fun getting into the music, and the residents get into it, too.  It’s sweet to see the smiles on their faces, and watch them get up and dance!  It’s even better when you see the congo line, including some of the staff!

They’re looking to raise money to release their first album, and for other projects, so if you’ve a mind to, check out their site. Or, look them up on Facebook.

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