Nerdtour 2012: Riding on the Enoden pt.4: Shichirigahama Surfin’ Safari

Shichirigahama train stationMy journey on the Enoden line continued, leaving Hase and the Great Buddha, and heading for Enoshima.  Along the way, though, through one of the windows on the train I spotted the ocean, and thought “that looks neat, I want to see the beach!”  So, I persuaded my buddy John that we should get off at the next station, named “Shichirigahama.”


surf shop
lone surfer
Turns out that it’s well-known for its surf, and there were a whole lot of surfers taking advantage of the mild November afternoon and evening.


beachcomber at sunset
Man near seawall staring at the ocean
couple on the beach, with Mount Fuji
There were also a lot of people just out enjoying the beach, taking in the sun. There’s something about a beach, with the waves crashing on the shore that’s just peaceful and relaxing, makes it easy to get into a contemplative mood, or even to just “veg-out”.


John photographs some beach girls
My buddy John also found, um, “other” views as well…  “So, not so disappointed at stopping here now, are you John?”


Sunset behind Enoshima
Mount Fuji after sundown
Shichirigahama Beach after sunset
Shichirigahama reminded me very much of southern California, especially around the Sunset Beach area I visited a long time ago.  Sunset Beach was aptly named, and Shichirigahama’s sunset was equally stunning, I kept taking pictures and videos every few minutes, just to try to capture the view. I even got to get a picture of Mount Fuji, but just like in 2007, all I could get was a silhouette shot…


Here’s one of the videos I took, of the Sun just disappearing behind the mountains beyond Enoshima Island.  You can see more of the pictures at my portfolio site.


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