Finally, a new book!

After many years of dithering and dawdling and otherwise procrastinating, I finally have a new book out! Hopefully the first of many, its photos cover one morning and early afternoon at the Kiyosumi Garden in Tokyo, Japan, on my first full day there.

In case you’re interested, I have both print and ebook versions available, although not through the Apple iBookstore. I’m using the software and website of, which is a print-on-demand service that provides book composition tools, as well as a marketplace and promotion utilities (such as the preview below) to help people create and sell books. Their model is quite reasonable, they establish a base price for paper quality, number of pages, and size of book, and the creator (me!) adds a small amount of markup, to keep once the book sells (hopefully!). I want to take more of the photos that I took on my Nerdtour 2012 trip and make books from them, because I saw and photographed some interesting sights and activities in the Tokyo area, as well as in the Touhoku region of Japan.

I named this book “Kiyosumi Garden Tour” and it’s basically a walk-around through the park, in pictures, with some occasional explanatory commentary in captions. The ebook version can be previewed and ordered here, while the print version (much more expensive, but batteries not required!) is available here.

If you want you can preview a few pages in this viewer (click on the “view fullscreen” icon to see a larger version:

Look for more books during the upcoming year!

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2 Responses to Finally, a new book!

  1. Sis says:

    Nice preview. Beautiful photos.

    • CptNerd says:

      Thanks, sis, I’m glad you liked them, and thank you for commenting, you make me feel like I’m not just talking to myself!

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